Fabrik Projects

Los Angeles
United States

Chris Davies

Stephanie Cummings


Fabrik Projects champions new ideas in contemporary art, by providing a platform to nurture emerging and mid-career artists, enabling them to take risks.

Nancy R Wise The Ocean Dreams in Blue

mixed media, neo-pointillism

Jessie Chaney Theres a Crack in Everything

Amadea Bailey Art Star

JT Burke The Eye

Photography and mixed media

Betsy Enzensberger Popsicle

Resin popsicle

Nigel Swinn The Tears of Things, Tiki

Photographic artist

Linda Stelling Fixing a Hole When the Rain Gets In

Mixed media

Troy Abbott Chicken Coop

Video installation with Chicken Coop wooden structure and video.

Helena Hauss Molotov Cocktail

Large colorful and realistic illustrations made with ball-point and biro pens.

Helen's works are done exclusively with ballpoint pen, as a deliberate choice.

There’s no going back, and she could slip up at the last minute. Her goal was to show no fear in the face of failure, and accept the possible mistakes that come along the way as a part of the whole.

About the Artist

Chaney Jessie, "Theres a Crack in Everything", Theres a Crack in Everything.
Amadea Bailey, "Art Star", Mixed media on canvas.