Galerie LeRoyer

162 Cumberland St.
Yorkville Lane
Ontario M5R 1A8 Toronto
Phone: (416) 944-1351
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60 Saint-Paul W.
Quebec H2Y1Y8 Montreal
Phone: 514-287-1351
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Brian Brisson

Alexandra Conners

Olivier Grandin


Established in old Montreal, Galerie LeRoyer has made its home in a historical Neo-Gothic building dating from 1887 and designed by architect John James Browne (1837-1893), which served as a textile and dry goods warehouse store for Greenshields, Hodgson, Racine Limited until the late 1960s. Brian Brisson, the gallery’s founder, has conserved the interior’s period charm, with its cabinets of curiosities, mouldings, bas-reliefs and high ceilings. This space allows him to stage his vision and exhibit the works of emerging Canadian and international artists chosen for the power of their singularity.

At 18 years old, Brian Brisson discovered his passion for the art world, quit school and, assisted by a strong sense for entrepreneurship, founded his first gallery, Galerie Saint-Dizier, in 1995 at the age of 24.

Galerie LeRoyer followed in 2000, also on Saint-Paul Street, and has subsequently expanded throughout the years.

Brian Brisson is actively involved in the neighbourhood’s development, in 2006, with the colaboration of the city of Montreal he gave new life to a forgotten space in old Montreal, with the loan of the bronze sculpture “Les Chuchoteuses” by Franco-Ontarian artist Rose-Aimée Bélanger and the installation of a public bench, which became known as “Placette Saint-Dizier”. The merger of the Saint-Dizier and LeRoyer galleries in spring 2017 enabled Galerie LeRoyer to double the exhibition space afforded to its artists, focus on its vision and gain a permanent space for vernissages and events.

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