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Established in 2003, Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts is a contemporary fine art gallery located in Binghamton, NY. The gallery is owned by internationally renowned photorealist painter, Anthony Brunelli (whose work is represented exclusively by the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City). Under the directorship of his brother John Brunelli, Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts specializes in the finest examples of post-modern contemporary realism, photorealism and well-disciplined abstract paintings, drawings, sculpture, original prints and alternative photographic media by emerging, mid-career, and established international artists. Fine quality craftsmanship, labor-intensive production, and innovation are central to the gallery's program.

Na Chainkua Reindorf Nyeti: Don't follow evil (Series: Mawu Nyonu)

Ernest Viveiros Three Orchids

About the Artist

Na Chainkua Reindorf is a mixed media artist and mythmaker who is currently representing Ghana in the 2022 Venice Biennale. Her work, which ranges from large-scale tapestries to immersive sculptural installations, is an exploration of and an ode to the rich cultural history of West African textiles, focusing largely on the complexities and visual culture surrounding masquerades and ceremonial costumes. She incorporates contemporary materials into her work, using these historical textiles and costumes as inspiration to investigate ongoing social topics centered on the politics of dress, identity and gender and their close relation to culture and tradition. Na Chainkua has exhibited internationally in institutions across the United States, as well as in France, Nigeria and Ghana.
Ernest Viveiros is a Portuguese-American painter who is currently a professor of Fine Art at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, OH. His work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions at internationally recognized galleries, fairs and institutions such as the Butler Institute of American Art, Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery, Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, the Chicago International Expo, CONTEXT Art Miami, SCOPE Miami, and Art Palm Beach to name a few. VIveiros subjects toggles between the urban landscape and the natural world of plants, flowers and waterfalls. His approach to painting is unique using a painstaking method of multi-layered glazing techniques giving all of his work a sense of complexity and luminosity.